JCS Review

May 27, 2014

Reviewed by Peter Johnson – April 11th 2014

This show can attract controversy in certain areas due to its content, but when a show is laid down with so much professionalism it’s hard to understand why. The mood for this show was set as the lights dimmed and the audience stunned into a silence by the renowned score, I’ve never experienced in a theatre before, and it stayed that way through out. The set was ingenious in design undulating white boxes pieced together making your imagination run riot transporting you to the Holy Land and beyond, very, very clever.

A remarkably stunning performance from someone never to have performed in a stage musical before, opened the show with a rock voice most stars would die for (excuse the pun) and the gripping way you held the audience for the whole show, is reserved for professionals, and the character stayed true to your demise a huge congratulations Judas (Simeon Green).

I was overwhelmed with the entrance of the chorus all adopting individual personalities and was obvious from the outset how hard they had worked throughout rehearsals. Well done to all of you.

Mary Magdalen (Louise Colohan) played this role, which reduced me to tears, with emotion, sincerity and conviction beyond belief when your hand cupped and caressed the face of Jesus all I could hear was blubbering from the audience now that takes some kind of special acting ability, your portrayal of this character was truly remarkable with the voice of an angel. Well done.

An excellent role captivated the audience of Jesus (Sebastian Lingwood) tranquility and trauma flowed with all the conviction needed. Well done.

The imposing figures of Caiaphas (Ian Pickford) and Annas (Laura Matthews) were so convincing with truly wonderful solos and duets.

The parts of Simon Zealotes (Craig Watson) and Peter (Andy Hobson) were excellently played, not least of all in the denial scene.

Pontius Pilate (Simon Mathews) was strong and powerful as was the comedy role of King Herod.

The orchestration, in the hands of Richard Tadman, was excellent with the most amazing guitar solo.

The movement and dance albeit set for some routines and free flowing for the ensemble was very clever to fit the piece.

A truly remarkable show directed by an inspiring young man in his first senior show I await with anticipation for your next show. A huge congratulations to you all.

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