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Trinity Amateur Operatic Society’s next production is the award-winning hit musical ‘Rent’.

No day but today

Based on Puccini’s opera La Boheme, RENT follows a year in the lives of a group of young artists living a Bohemian lifestyle in New York City’s East Village in the late 20th century. Life is tough: in addition to being too poor to pay rent on their apartments, several are HIV positive and struggling with the AIDS epidemic, drugs and the constant threat of homelessness.

RENT is seen by some as somewhat autobiographical in nature because at the time Larson wrote it, he himself was struggling to make ends meet, and homelessness and squatting was rife. In 1995, police force was in fact used to evict squatters from the East Village. The AIDS epidemic was also at its height in America and the leading cause of death for all Americans aged 25-44, and Larson lost several close friends through it. He was therefore seeking a medium to raise awareness and honour his lost friends.

The musical claims: there is ‘no day but today’, and whilst it deals with themes of loss, love, sex, life and death, the relationship of Angel and Collins delivers a message of hope and how to live life to the fullest without fear.

Show dates: 6th – 10th March 2018 at the Daneside Theatre, Congleton.





Production Team

Director – Kalini Kent

Musical Director – Mike Richardson

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